Protecting your assets

Protecting your assets is about far more than ensuring you have the necessary insurances in place. Protecting your assets is about minimising the risk of adverse circumstances and setting up structures such as trusts, to safeguard your family’s future by ensuring that your wealth continues down the bloodline.

StrategyOne Financial Planners take a holistic view to your financial health by identifying potential threats to your wealth as well as opportunities for wealth creation.

Financial planning for dependents

A reality in today’s economic climate is the increasing dependence of ageing parents and adult offspring.

Active financial planning for dependents helps protect your assets in the long-term through estate planning, medical and life insurance for dependents. These steps can help ensure your financial goals are not derailed by unexpected costs.

Using contracts and agreements to protect your assets

Contracts and agreements can be used to protect your assets in a business and professional capacity as well as in your personal life.

Prenuptial and cohabitation agreements are becoming popular as blended families are increasingly common and divorce rates continue to rise. As de facto status grants the same rights to assets as marriage, in the event of an acrimonious breakdown, a prenuptial or cohabitation agreement can protect a couple’s individual assets, clarify the financial responsibilities of each party, and ensure that any assets accumulated during the relationship will be evenly and fairly split.

Business contracts such as succession plans help ensure the future success of your business, minimising the likelihood of disruption to operations, and realising its potential by making it attractive to investors.

Protecting your assets after death

Sound estate planning is essential to protect your assets. Estate planning avoids unnecessary stress and upset by benefactors unhappy with their settlement and enables family wealth to continue down the bloodline by making your estate immune from the potentially difficult circumstances of divorce, bankruptcy, bad investments and family breakdowns.

Financial planning to protect your assets

Read real life client case studies of how protecting your assets can help when:

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