Virginia Heyer

Managing Director


Virginia Heyer is a financial industry veteran who has accumulated a great breadth and depth of experience since joining the industry in 1985. She began working in reception at a Bain & Company office and ended up buying the business.

As owner and Managing Director of StrategyOne Advice Network, Virginia ensures our clients have the best possible service by helping attract and retain the highest calibre staff. She supports our staff to better understand wealth creation strategies, keep on top of new industry developments, thoroughly assess new investment opportunities, and to always keep our clients’ best interests in the heart of all we do.

Having managed her own business and as a single mother with three children, Virginia has a special interest in assisting women to take a more active role in managing their financial affairs.

“It’s a thrill to be part of creating people’s peace of mind, knowing that the financial future of their family is taken care of through astute planning and bespoke wealth creation strategies. Due to my passion for helping people, my passion for the industry and love of business, I’ve been part of this company for more than 25 years. It’s hugely satisfying helping others implement the financial strategies that enable them to live the life they’ve dreamt of.”