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Wills and Estate Planning Considerations

Ensure the financial wellbeing of your family

Having up-to-date wills and estate planning is crucial to ensure that your possessions are distributed as per your wishes should something happen to you. Approximately 40 per cent of Australians die each year without a will. Many more leave wills that are neither current nor relevant. This just adds undue stress onto your family. Our Certified Financial Planners assist with wills and estate planning services across Sydney’s eastern suburbs and northern suburbs to protect your family well into the future.

Don’t get caught out… The Legal issues of wills and estate planning

A StrategyOne certified financial planner can help you consider the legal issues around your wills and estate planning and refer you to estate planning lawyers where relevant. How you structure your will, the appointment of trustees, how your estate is distributed and the appointment of guardians for any children are important issues that need to be addressed in your will. We will work alongside a legal professional to ensure that you meet all the legal and financial planning requirements surrounding your estate planning.

You decide the beneficiaries of your will and estate

No family dynamic is simple and our financial advisors are skilled at helping you navigate towards a decision on setting up your beneficiaries. Sound estate planning safeguards against any challenges made to your estate after your death by acrimonious family members or business stakeholders.

We can also assist you on bequeathing funds or assets to a charitable organisation. Our Certified Financial Planners can also discuss Advance Care Directives and Power of Attorney in the case that you become incapable of making a decision on your health or financial welfare. We provide expansive financial planning for all situations.

Enjoy more flexibility by setting up a family trust

Should you wish to preserve your estate, we can advise you on setting up a family trust to benefit current and future descendants of your discretion and safeguard against bankruptcy, divorce, and squandering. Setting up a family trust may be useful if you:

● want to pass on a family business
● have a superannuation payout
● have capital losses or property which may be subject to capital gains tax
● have life insurance
● have family debts

A family trust gives you far more flexibility in distributing your assets, such as providing for future grandchildren or family.

Take the stress away from your dependents

Estate planning and the writing of your will also concern ongoing provisions for your dependents, including ageing parents. Alongside legal professionals, our professional financial planners can help you appoint a guardian for your children and dependents and nominate an amount of maintenance to be periodically administered.

It is helpful to ensure the executor of your will has been asked to perform these duties and that they know where your will is located and be sure to review your will periodically and update it to reflect your intentions when circumstances and relationships change. Estate planning is essential for the successful division of assets when it’s required.

You may also wish to include instructions in your will regarding your funeral.

Wills and estate planning are essential to wealth creation

You’ve spent the majority of your life building wealth. Don’t let an incomplete or out-of-date will erode your success. Astute estate planning and a will enables you to continue providing for your dependents and descendants after your demise. Our financial planning services will ensure that your money is distributed to where it needs to go.

Following the financial planning advice with StrategyOne will ensure that your will and estate planning is-up-to-date and relevant, to protect your family well into the future. If you would like to take control of your future, please contact our certified financial advisors today. We offer advice regarding Financial Planning, including wills and estate planning from our offices in Potts Point and Chatswood and service the surrounding areas including the northern suburbs of Mosman, Lane Cove to Wahroonga and in the east from Sydney city, Bondi and all eastern suburbs.

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Our company was established in 2004. We started as a small legal consultancy. have proved our competence
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Our company was established in 2004. We started as a small legal consultancy. have proved our competence
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